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My Tunes Australia
Advertisement: My Tunes For Kids A Delightful Site full of happy tunes for kids!



Spooky, happy, cute and weird links.


Personality Tests Interested to know who and how you are? ... this site will keep you  occupied for months!


Lady Hawks Animal Totems Learn about native Indian animal magic ...


Cyclone Warning Centre Useful to people where we live!


123 Greetings Cards Free Online Greeting Cards


ECards Addicts Saved us the work of hunting the best Free Greeting Cards Sites  Easy Flash Free
You'll fall in love with the amazing services provided by these spunky graphical interface tools.  Make your own stunning flash in a flash.


Kids Music Free Music Downloads


Yahoos Links for Kids Very Comprehensive!   Free
Fresh listings and reviews of all the best freebies that are available on the Net Free
Got to start somewhere in web design - this is a good place to start.  Free
Free guestbooks, message boards, chatrooms, greeting cards, instant messenger, classified ads, email form processing, e-commerce, and a ton more!


Dream Moods A site that helps you interpret your dreams!


Aliens Forum A Forum for those who believe they have seen alien activity - makes your hair stand on end ...


Abduct Another interesting site on the subject of E.T.'s and UFO's


Quotes Are you a quote nut?  You'll like this site then


Poetry Something to do when you can't sleep - get lost in poetry.


Psychic Realm Our own Psychic Realm for those interested in intuition and having fun. 


Games by Shockwave Lots of interesting things like jigsaws, puzzles, backgammon, pool and more.

Happy Kids

Hot Jealous Kids
Curious Kids Confident
Sad Kids Lonely
Scared Kids Surprised
Sleepy Silly
Bored Cold
Disgusted Confused


Splash Kids Splash Kids Free Stuff.

Whoa!  Splash Kids Free Stuff. Spooky happy and weird links.

Washing Machine Splash Kids Free Stuff. Spooky happy and weird links.

Cute Spooky happy and weird links.

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Kids Free Stuff For Kids Websites


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