Do You Voodoo?  An article about Negative Intuition by Madamsplash



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The Psychology of

Negative Intuition

Article  by MadamSplash

Do You Voodoo?  An article about Negative Intuition by MadamSplash

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Stop to experience a metaphysical moment by doing the following exercise.

Someone you despiseSomeone you adore

Close your eyes and think of two contrasting people, one somebody you adore and another that you intensely dislike.

Think about each person in turn, and pay attention to what occurs in your body, particularly observe your emotions, your feelings, and other areas of tension.

If you became aware of the changes within your body, you had what we call a metaphysical "intuitive" experience, simply by "observing" your primeval reaction.

Remember the last time you could have "cut the air with a knife" with a sulker, or felt "completely stupid" around a person who treated you as such. How about a person who didn't trust you, for no good reason at all? Can you recall how you "felt" on the end of this kind of transmission?

Every individual who has experienced rejection as a result of racial, societal or belief structures has experienced this form of silent rejection, and this begins to explain what we mean by "negative intuition".

All dominating and condemning thoughts are intuitively broadcast to a recipient, and you don't need wax dolls and pins to emit harm. Gather a group of people together with the same objective of slander, gossip or ridicule and the result is merely Voodoo*!

What an effective weapon, and are we not masters? ... but alas, there is a cost!

Negative intuition impacts upon our own bodies in an equal to greater force than what is being sent.

Negative Intuitive impacts on our bodies ...

Every time we entertain a negative emotion or thought, such as condemnation, distrust, fear, blame, superiority, pity, expectation, worry or need, we not only give away our personal power, but we also alter the density of our own body, in such a way that it can create disease, illness and malfunction.

That is why the "Intuitive Healer" can ask you about your aches, pains or illness and can tell you what is occurring in your life - nothing hocus pocus about that!

Every person who seeks a harmonious and pain free existence can benefit by understanding intuition. Awakening personal intuition involves becoming aware of the unconscious occurrences that we read and broadcast every day of our life.

Voodoo Misguided Animals

When humans do not use their special abilities of intellect, creativity and conscience, they are merely misguided animals.

Their lives are filled with pain, suffering and fear.

Our speedy technological world transmits multiple emotional messages though film, television, newspapers and books, at a speed so rapid we are not consciously aware of the subliminal messages being packed into our subconscious.

It does explain however why we are becoming a more intuitive society as a whole, and why we need to take stock and notice how much of that is negative!

Awakening intuition and combining it with the sophistication of our human consciousness, we are able to attain the highest level of personal awareness, with results that can only be described as "out of this world".

There really is a better way, so do it sooner rather than later!

Well ~ Think about it!

With Love


*Voodoo - A quick acknowledgement to the authentic practitioners of Hoodoo. My apologies for any disrespect that may be apparent as a result of this article. I am aware that Hoodoo is not a negative religion but indeed one of the worlds most positive, loving and healing practises.

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Do You Voodoo?  An article about Negative Intuition by Madamsplash

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