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Affordable Hangars & Shelters.  Easy to erect and relocatable all weather shelters.






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Easy to erect and removable all weather shelters. 



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At the time of preparing these projects there was an abundance of Blue Fin Tuna in Southern Australian waters.  In just a short decade stocks have been depleted to dangerous levels.

We have very little to justify our attacks on the Japanese.




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Books and EBooks.


Books and Beginners Guides to Aquaculture

Recommended Reading

Australian Fish Farmer John Mosig Ric Fulla

Australian Fish Farmer.

CSIRO Publications


John Mosig  Ric Fulla


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Australian Yabby Farmer - Page will open in a new window.

Australian Yabby Farmer.

CSIRO Publications


John Mosig


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This is a practical guide for people in the aquaculture industry and for those about to enter it. Australian Fish Farmer covers current as well as potential aquaculture industries and provides practical skills that will allow people to solve everyday problems in the day-to-day management of aquatic stock.


This edition has been extensively rewritten to include a new chapter on water quality plus the latest findings in yabby farming. It provides a grounding in the basic principles of aquaculture and reflects the considerable advances in aquaculture technology over the last few years.

Beginners Practical Guide to Aquaculture - David Burston


Practical Guide

to Aquaculture

Splash Aquaculture


David Burston

Ebook $125.00



David and John partnered

in Yabby Aquaculture

in the late 80's early 90's.




This Ebook and associated set of documents, are  designed to alert investors to the questions that should be asked before venturing into any Aquaculture Project. The objective of this paper is to increase the effectiveness of the time spent and the depth achieved by the novice whilst researching fish farming investment opportunities.  More


For more information about Splash Aquaculture Australia Services please email or telephone us on 617 4081 0244.


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